Sunday, 12 May 2013

How to take my breath away

Is it silly that, of a night time before I go to bed I gently tip toe into each of my sons rooms to check on them? To make sure that they are warm and cosy, comfortable and safe. Is it silly that I can spend minutes just looking at their sweet faces, lost in dream, so peaceful and knowing no worries that it honestly takes my breath away. Every night.

I guess its the little things. Like my baby sons gurgling laugh and clumsy smile. The way he curls in to me to feel safe and absorb my love. The way he looks at me with his blue eyes, like he knows all my secrets. Its the 'love you mum, see you in the morning' from my toddler. Its the hugs that almost knock you off your feet. Its the way he asks me to cuddle in the mornings, while we both wake up. These little things , take my breath away. Every day.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

That parental daze...

Hours would pass while we stared so lovingly at our baby. We were mesmerized by his perfection, amazed that we had created something so beautiful, overwhelmed that he was ours.

In our house, we call this phase.. where you are so infatuated by your new baby.. a Parental Daze.

I have memories of us going for long walks, taking it in turns to push the pram. On more than one occasion, we would find ourselves in a bush, off the path, because we hadn't been watching, we had both been staring at our baby.

Hubby, never has been a fan of shopping, but when he is pushing the pram, he'll shop with me for hours....A pram completes a man...he tells me.

I'd wake up, in the middle of the night, and go into C's room...just to watch him, my angel.

I loved washing C's clothes, so little and cute hanging on the line!

Such beautiful memories and such a magical time. I wonder, if the Prental Daze ever wears off?

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Firsts are so memorable, so much emotion and sentiment to go with the event. As mothers, we record these firsts, jotting them in baby books, remembering forever.

That first breath of air, the anticipation to hear that unique new scream.

That scream that I'd waited so long to hear, happened at 10.23am on 25th January and changed my life forever. And at the moment, after only seeing my baby for a second, I knew I would die for that baby screaming and I would show that baby more love than it could ever know. All before the midwife announced 'it's a boy'!

That first tooth...the sleepless nights, the swollen gums, the drool.

The excitement, because I could now buy my boy a toothbrush!!

That first

How proud must this little boys daddy be!

That first haircut

My little baby, sitting proud on the chair by himself at the hairdresser, laughing at the image looking back in the mirror, not at all afraid. The end result.... mummy's baby had grown up!

That first wobbly step

A step taken between mummy and daddy while playing outside. So much celebration and encouragement to do it again! One week he was taking those precious wobbly steps, the next week he was confidently running!

That first pair of with green dinosaurs.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

A boy, his truck and my heart...

Feeling the dirt between our fingers, maybe a little taste test too!

Such simple moments...

That I will treasure forever.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

A little bit of love...

I love the way my son dances, with such concentration
I love the way my husband rushes to unlock the door and take off his shoes when he arrives home from work.... he’d rather spend those few extra seconds with his family
I love the way my son pulls me into him for a kiss and cuddle
I love 7.30, both morning and night...morning to see my baby boy wake, and night to see my baby boy go to bed
I love the way that chocolate tastes, after a long day
I love that the man I love has the courage to chase his dreams, realise his potentials and encourages his son to do the same
I love the look of satisfaction on my son’s face, when he realises how to use a fork

I love waking up from an afternoon siesta, wondering where my boys are, and finding them enjoying a picnic together.

I love taking a minute to reflect, on just how blessed I am.

Friday, 4 May 2012

My Something

When we were kids... we were asked all the time ‘what do you want to be’... ‘Who do you want to be’ For me, that ‘to be’ has never been clear, I have asked myself over and over again ‘what is the something you want to be’.....and the answer has always evaded me... until now.

My blog. MY blog..... Becoming a mum has taught me that not a lot is mine and only mine nowadays; I can’t even take a minute of time (literally 1 minute) to wee without World War 3 happening outside the toilet door! My food is my son’s food. My son’s restless nights are my restless nights, but to compensate, my sons love, is my world.

 I hope that as you read my words, straight from my heart, you will laugh, cry, cringe but mostly, rejoice at the fact that being a mum is just the most beautiful moment of time.

Firstly, about me. I’m mummy to a beautiful, boisterous, energetic boy named Charlie. Since C was born, I have learnt so much, felt so many emotions, fallen completely in love again and promised myself and my son, that if anything, the something I want to be is the best mother, the best person, I can be.

I have love my eye colour, my beautiful son’s eyes are the same colour.
I have learnt.... that mess is all right, for every mess made, something new is learnt.
I have learnt....That poo and vomit aren’t as scary as once thought.
I have learnt....To trust and have faith in myself and my body, the body that grew a little being, birthed that little being and instinctively knows the best ways to protect that little being.

So when C is napping and I am writing my blog.... I hope to take you on my journey through motherhood, the joys and struggles, the tears the laughter, the self discoveries, the learnings, the something I want to be.

Two people, so much joy in their hearts....